How Spam Filters Work And How To Stop Emails Going To Spam

However, CAPTCHAs are not foolproof, with more advanced spambots using OCR to turn CAPTCHAs into text. There are even dedicated ‘human farms’ where real people are paid to solve CAPTCHAs for spambots. We got more features planned to create an online lead capture form that will give you a peace of mind and improve lead quality for your business. Stay tuned for AI-based lead conversion and lead quality optimization. To handle contact form spam prevention effectively, let’s have a closer look into the lead capture medium for which you can use lead forms or chat windows.

Needless to say, you don’t want to end up on one of these lists. “why is my domain email going to spam?,” you’re in the right place. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

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In addition to the standard recommendation of list cleaning, authentication, etc., Yahoo also recommends keeping email volume constant by throttling if necessary. Also known as the Spam Fighters program, Microsoft’s Sender Reputation Data network uses a panel of voters selected randomly from active Outlook users to help train their filters. Your email’s header, body, images, and links are all relevant factors in determining if an email is spam, promotional, social or inbox worthy.

It’s a pretty ingenious method, and again while not foolproof, can help catch a majority of bots. Similar to the above, you can also block IP addresses or regions at the level of your content management system , like WordPress. There are plugins that you can install, or you can head into your cPanel and block IPs and regions as mentioned above with the right help.

How to Prevent Website Spam

You can learn more about how to setup CloudFlare to protect your WordPress site here. Systemise your lead capture process, have clearly defined responsibilities who in your business reaches out to the lead and via which channel. Capturing a cold lead with some level of interest via your web form can easily turn into a much more serious prospect with the right level of service and speed in a follow-up. Databox allows you to showcase key metrics of your online marketing campaigns on a single dashboard which is great for executives and people with no in-depth marketing background as well. Set-up your dashboard and include traffic data, e.g. via pie charts or table views. This movie line is a classic and might have some truth in it .

In this post, we’re going to take a deep dive into how spam filters work and more importantly, how to how to avoid spam filters. Use a good managed WordPress host that blocks bots from reaching your site. We recommend Pantheon and WPEngine for this reason, in addition to providing great hosting at a reasonable price. We use both of those hosts for our sites, and experience very little spam. MQL stands for Marketing-qualified lead; SQL for Sales-qualified lead.


HubSpot, for example, will suspend your email marketing ability for having a spam complaint rate of just .1%. It’s also common that email platforms will group users by reputation. If you behave well, your email will likely go out from IP address’s shared with other high-quality senders.

If your website, doesn’t attract the right type of traffic, then how can you possibly find quality leads? Start on top of your online journey and strengthen the best performing traffic channels for lead generation. Firstly, ensure that you fully understand what traffic channels drive traffic and lead to your website. A great online dashboard tool for visualizing traffic is Databox. No matter the size of the businesses and website traffic, all kinds of online sites are affected by low-quality leads. Such leads are targeted by spam inquiries via contact web forms.

The chances are good that Gmail-based addresses make up the majority of your email list. However, unless you sell Viagra via email, embed malware or link to spammy sites, it’s likely your content’s biggest effect on deliverability is the effect it has on user engagement. If a specific IP address has received many complaints in the past, email from that address is more likely to be identified as spam. Sometimes email from an IP with a very poor reputation may not be accepted by the receiving server at all and you’ll receive a bounce notification.

If you’re receiving a lot of spam, it’s possible that it’s arriving from outside of your country’s borders. You can request that any nation where you don’t do business be blocked from viewing your website, which could cut back on spam significantly. With SRD, it’s harder How to Prevent Website Spam to artificially lower your complaint rate by sending a high volume of email. SRD may be more reliable than monitoring complaint rates alone. Senders can easily manipulate complaint rates by sending a higher volume of email to reduce the number of complaints.

You’ve likely seen Google’s reCAPTCHA system on website forms for a while now. They introduced reCAPTCHA to replace the old CAPTCHA system The original CAPTCHA system was used throughout the 2000s. Make sure your email can still be understood even with images off.

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Both of these capture mediums can help you drive leads, but they have very different use cases. Chats or chatbots are meant for support queries and are more flexible, while open conversations; web forms are better for lead capture and clearly defined offers. Once your site starts generating a good amount of leads, you will be faced with the next challenge of improving lead quality and filtering out spam leads.

How to Prevent Website Spam

Simple form structures, like “first name, last name, email, phone” attract contact form spam via bots much easier. Talking about form spam filters and how to stop spam from website contact forms, the frustration for website owners is that lead tracking can become a mess. With tracking in place, all types of captured leads get recorded by conversion goals, e.g. set-up with Google analytics or your CRM. Methods that affect the user experience usually involve some sort of anti-spam step in registering or commenting. Arguably the best known examples are CAPTCHAs, which many websites rely on to stop spammers.

Multi-step forms ask the visitor different questions on a series of form steps. In contrast to single-step forms, only one form step is visible at a time. They can be a good alternative to basic forms that display form fields on one step only. Once you have this clarity you can optimize your content and offers for those traffic channels. Improve website copy for the right audience, experiment with new lead offers and try out new traffic channels. The traffic can increase via different types of ads, or different content focus via the blog.


For B2C and B2B senders, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo’s built-in spam and inbox sorting technologies are going to be the most common challenge you’ll face. Desktop spam filters live on a user’s computer and allow for 1 to 1 configuration and personalization. Microsoft SmartScreen, G-Lock SpamCombat are a few examples of desktop-based spam filters.

However, even though they are so prevalent, many people have little to no understanding of how spammers get to their website, let alone what they want from them. Further on in the postcard, they admit that they are a business listing service, not a domain service . But it would be easy for someone new to owning a website to be fooled, and give away their credit card information or hundreds of dollars to this scam company. I am based here locally in Flordia and our offices are located in Miami, Orlando and Tampa. I would be able to quick phone call to give you feedback on what you can do to bring your digital presence to the next level. Again, be warned that these blocks could affect legitimate traffic as well, so watch your analytics and leads/sales levels closely to make sure something wasn’t blocked that shouldn’t be.

Simply tick the United States as the country that you want to enable and disable the rest in one click as well. Visitors from Europe and elsewhere in the world will see your website version the same way, just without the LeadGen form. Most businesses have a specific targeted audience, also called ideal customer profile, “ICP” or client avatar.

If you are providing users with your direct email address anywhere on your website – even if you think it’s hidden – spammers will take it and use it. If you can remove email addresses or hide them, you can greatly reduce the amount of spam you receive. We have a specific plugin we’ve chosen that has a constantly updated blacklist of IP addresses and email addresses. This plugin blocks contact forms as they are sent, and for some known IP addresses, it actually refuses them access to the contact form at all.

Using a shared IP address does not automatically doom you to poor deliverability. Most marketing automation companies understand the risks of having a poor IP reputation and place limits on senders who are misbehaving. In some cases, we see worse results from senders using poorly managed dedicated IP addresses than from senders using shared IP’s. Securing a company’s network, data, digital assets, and communications is a critical priority for organizations large and small. Many companies use gateway, or cloud-based email spam filters to filter and quarantine both inbound and outbound messages that are suspicious.

  • In 2013, Microsoft rebranded to, which currently has over 400 million active users.
  • His photos have been widely published including by outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Amnesty International, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, and National Geographic Online.
  • I was checking your website on behalf of this email and see you have a good design and it looks great, but it’s not ranking on Google and other major search engines.
  • Secondly, ask qualifying questions, e.g. “What type of your solution are you interested in?
  • The benefit of multi-step forms is the improved user experience and chances for high conversion rates, even with a high number of form steps.
  • As a consequence, we are suffering financial and reputational losses.

Lead magnets come in many forms and are known by many different names. You can use autoresponders to help your lead understand that you received the query, but that’s not enough. The lead is showing interest to find out if you can help them solve their problem, Not much more and nothing less. Application FormsEngaging application forms to collect more responses. Spam tends to be very lucrative, even when spammers are just peddling questionable products.

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Because your sending IP address is a known factor in email deliverability, many companies opt to set up a dedicated email sending IP address. This can be a good idea if you have the resources and know-how to manage it properly. To understand how email spam filters work, we first need to understand the factors they use to identify spam. Let’s take a look at how the three largest inbox service providers (ISP’s) identify spam. First, we’ll look at the factors they use, and then we’ll look at each provider individually to see how they differ.

These attempts at linkbuilding are non-recommended SEO tactics that are frowned upon by Google, as they are attempts at tricking both search engines and users by dishonest linkbuilding. The last email in this set is one commonly sent to newly created websites. The spammer pretends to be from a trusted source, letting you know your site has malware which is performing an attack against their site, and asking you to download some software to fix the problem.

What Spammers Want, How They Do It, And How To Prevent It

One of the quickest ways to damage your IP and domain reputation is by sending email to spam traps. If a user stops using an email account, eventually, the email provider may shut it down. Increasingly, email service providers are looking not only at the originating IP addresses of senders, but also the sending domain and even the individual alias of the sender. While free pop-up blocker downloads are available, they just can’t keep up with the continuous onslaught of new pop-up adware and spyware strains. Choose a pop-up blocker that can detect and block even the trickiest ads, including mouse-overs, mass attacks, and timed pop-ups. Previously undetected forms of these malicious threats can often do the most damage, so it’s critical to have up-to-the-minute, guaranteed protection.

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For more potent protection from malware spam and pop-ups, use antispyware software and a pop-up blocking application. As described above, the right follow-up activity can easily turn a cold lead or and move a lead up the scale. There is no clear-cut differentiation between lead and prospect. However, prospects can be seen as qualified leads by either the marketing or sales team. What your business needs are prospects that have the potential to turn into long-lasting customer relationships.

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